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Children are all different. The first step is to recognize the differences and understand the differences, so that you can communicate well with your children. We focus on finding ways to communicate, teaching English, and experiencing culture so that your child can become a true global leader. We look at the world like Korea and create a team with networking so that we can work with people around the world on that stage.


Established in Seoul, Korea

Having taught kindergarten, primary, secondary, and high school students for over 20 years, I have figured out when is the best time to learn English and how to approach it.


Texas Headquarters established

In Korea, it was difficult for students to have the same opportunities and differences due to academic affiliation and stereotypes.


20th anniversary

Just as the coronavirus has stopped the whole world, we will lead children to change the world and make their dreams come true more freely and happier.

Did you know?

Awarded the prestigious Superiors’ Club YBM Sisa Junior in recognition of educational leadership, awarded by only 1% of teachers from 2006 to 2016.